An initial concern when first starting a project is what to do first?  Many people can identify problem areas in their home but need help in finding ways to solve the issue.

Designers are not just designing a house, they also act as consultants. A Designer will help you through the unknowns; Will this look good? How will it fit with what we have? Will this realistically work? We can visualize the potential of what you want your home to look and feel like and can guide you through the process. But to maximize our service and efficiency you need to share your thoughts and concerns with us and let us know what does not work in your current living conditions. Knowing what your needs are will help us to better space plan for your home. Problem solving is a big part of design. The challenge of incorporating your list of requirements within the existing confinements of your home is all part of space planning. This is what we do best – making your dreams come true!

Many have heard the term “form follows function”. The job of a Designer is to not only make a house aesthetically pleasing, but to make sure it is functional for you and your family. Certain elements may sound like a good idea in theory, however it is up to us to ensure your safety and practicality, meaning that it will actually work when following minimum clearances, spacing etc.  The first and most important one being building code requirements (function). Following function comes form, the glitter and glam of a space, the overall aesthetics. A good Designer can disguise/mask construction necessities of a home, ie. HVAC runs, structural requirements/supports etc., to avoid having to compensate on the overall aesthetic that you’re trying to achieve. One way to visualize the potential is by providing 3D illustrations. Although they are concept drawings and used as an impression (not for construction), they show components that will not be visible on a floor plan.

3D illustrations provide a good sense of what your house will look like when the work is completed. Trying to envision a space based off a floor plan is difficult.  It’s hard to envision the true size ratio of the entire space.  By having a 3D model or perspective developed for you it will allow you to discuss and make changes on the spot. 3D illustrations allow you the ability to visualize your new space and understand the full potential of your new home.

Take advantage of working with a Designer to help get the best possible outcome. Allow them to provide ideas you may not have thought of and utilize the resources they have.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

Stephanie Haddad