As a licensed BCIN designer, I’ve seen and been exposed to many scenarios that may come up in a project. Throughout my involvement, from the design phase to the completion of the build, I’ve comprised a guideline to help you avoid nightmares during the renovation process.
Change after change, tension, delays and the roller coaster of emotions, this article is to change your negative perception of home renovations and guide you along the way to minimize stress.
1- Meet with your team and outline the key elements of your project.
The very first phase of any project is to gather a team of professionals. Not only should you meet a designer that understands your style and who is qualified, but involving a contractor at the beginning stages
is just as important. Introducing professionals from all stages of a project will minimize surprises or unknowns along the way. Although the contractor may not be involved in the design phase, their experience on site will allow them to outline important elements that could cause problems at your home when the renovations start.  This communication between your contractor and your designer allows your designer to make changes more quickly and keeps your project running efficiently.
2- Trust your team. Let them help you.
When the designer and contractor work together from the initial planning process, they have a good understanding of your overall intentions by the time construction starts. A good relationship will help the project run smoothly and avoid any stressful decisions you may have to face. Let the professionals work with you and make their recommendations to relieve you from possible stress.
3- Stay calm, remain cool.
The renovation process is a roller coaster; you start with excitement, then comes the details and unknowns, followed by the finishing stage of happiness, relief and seeing your vision come together. It is very important to establish a team you trust. The designer is there to help ensure the house is not only aesthetically pleasing but is functional to your way of living. The contractor is to follow your designer’s direction and to ensure the project runs smoothly and on time.
Collaborate with your team of professionals from the beginning stages to the end of a project. Determining your team at an early stage will engage each expert throughout the various phases of a renovation. By trusting and relying on your team of professionals you will eliminate most of the common tensions that arise during construction.  

Avoid the stress and trust your team to deliver the required results. Let us change the reputation of residential renovations and the nightmares that go along with them.

Stephanie Haddad